Oh no!
There's no denying that you've put on weight when even your watch starts to pinch... Until now I have prided myself on having slender wrists, but no more. It seems that they, along with the rest of me, have assumed elephantine proportions.
So... to draw the eyes away from my spreading middle and podgy wrists I need to find some distractions...
Carnival Colours Wrap Bracelet by Putting on the Charms
Upcycling at it's best! This gorgeous wraparound bangle features a carnival of colourful paper beads, made by the Mzuri Tribe in Africa, and sourced through Fair Trade. Bright, pretty, ethical - AND, one size fits all. Hooray!

Robots Rule Brooch by Putting on the Charms
There's nothing like a bit of distraction to draw the eye away from unseemly areas - and this cute little robot brooch is a great distaction. He's not available on the website just yet - but you can buy him from my Folksy Shop. Just click on the image to be taken straight there.
I WILL be adding a brooches section to my website shortly...


Marshmallow Fluff Scented Candle by One Stop Pamper Shop
If you think that it's time to dim the lights - what better way to do so than with this gorgeous Marshmallow Fluff Scented Candle?
White chocolate layered with vanilla fluff and topped with marshmallows and all with absolutely no calories! It looks good, YOU look good.

Rock Star Soap by Lush
Rock Star... Mmmmm! When your sweet tooth beckons this is just the thing. Run a bath and indulge...
This creamy vanilla sweetie really does smell good enough to eat - and no calories. So what if it makes you foam at the mouth, just a little... at least it won't make you fat.

OPI Burlesque Little Teasers Mini Pack
Confession is good for the soul and I have to admit that I do not look like Dita Von Teese (did I ever?), but that's no reason why I can't indulge in a little bit of burlesque in the privacy of my own home, is it? I'm not talking little knickers and nipple tassels here, but a nice nail varnish can work wonders... especially when you've got short, stubby fingers...

Mermaid & the Octopus by Classic Becca
Maybe, like me, you think it's time to stop looking in the mirror, and to start looking at your walls instead. If they are as bare and unloved as mine are, it's time to do something about it. This gorgeous canvas by Classic Becca is a good place to start.

'So, Did We Survive That?' by The Nosuch Disco
Or here, with the lovely limited edition A3 print by The Nosuch Disco...

Nude by Fire
Perhaps, instead of moaning, it's time to remind ourselves that curves ARE really rather lovely.

Heart Mirrors Claire Seely Glass Design
And we should really start looking in mirrors and falling in love with ourselves all over again.  Fat wrists aside, things aren't really that bad, are they?